Coming Soon - touch of colour liquid lipstick - hint of iris

259 kr

This product will be released in May.

Hint of Iris is a unique highly pigmented lip colour, a beautiful, luxurious shade that’s perfect for the day & night.

The formulation applies smoothly, you can build the coverage as you prefer; dabbing it on with your finger for a more natural appearance or applying it precisely with the angled applicator for a more dramatic look.

- Applies semi dewy and then sets matte
- Long wearing, fades naturally and slowly
- 85% natural ingredients combined with clean ingredients we trust. 

☁️ clean

🌱 vegan

🐇 cruelty free

🌹 nourishing ingredients

The formulation is enriched with moisturizing Almond oil a source of vitamin E and A, Omega-3 and Omega-6, Aloe vera renowned for its healing and hydrating abilities and Hyaluronic acid with its plumping and boosting properties helping the skin to bind water.

infused with skin beneficials 🌹